February 2, 2013
Say No to Saying No to Cultural Appropriation

My more “aware,” Leftist friends are circulating another one of those facebook memes with a photo of Dita von Teese in a ridiculous outfit. their caption:

"White woman Dita von Teese wears a sari and South Asian jewelry despite the fact that she has no other connection to South Asia…"

You know what? I don’t really care much about cultural appropriation. It happens in all directions, over thousands of years. Without cultural appropriation, you don’t get the Blues from West African singing. You don’t get Elvis from the blues. You don’t get rocksteady from motown, and you don’t get new wave from rocksteady. You don’t get Afrobeat from funk, or maybe that went the other way. Who knows or cares, really.

If you decide to resent cultural appropriation, you choose to live in an increasingly stale and monotonous cultural ghetto. You don’t even get to make fun of “others” for appropriating the wrong bits of your culture, or using it in unintentionally hilarious ways. You sit around, decrying cultural imperialism or some other shit instead of getting out on the dance floor, or on stage, or in the gallery, or whatever. 

One of these days maybe you’ll look past the hashish-clouded haze of your graduate critical theory seminar and decide to live in the real world, with real, imperfect, culturally complex people. 

I doubt it, though. You might have to repay those student loans. Those may be words, but you can’t deconstruct those debts, sucker.

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    "Without cultural appropriation, you don’t get the Blues from West African singing. You don’t get Elvis from the blues."...
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    Without “cultural appropriation” there’d be no culture. Or at least all cultures would be at a standstill and nothing...
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    Not sure if I agree with this, as I’m still learning more about cultural appropriation, but still this makes some decent...
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    This. Necessary to RECOGNIZE cultural appropriation when it’s exploitative - eg white performers making buckets off of...
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